Speak Your Mind is a young, completely independent organisation.
Everyone involved is directly in touch with the day-to-day realities of teaching English
and have a lot of their heads and much of their hearts in the classroom

We are in Milan! 2016 sees Speak Your Mind come to Italy’s most influential and international city: and for all those who need English for work or for their own interest, the Speak Your Mind method is here to make the difference.

A new school ? Certainly- but with 26 years’ experience and success behind us. The story starts in 1988 in Verona when Iain McInally and Monica Moro created an English School that stood out for the level of service and, above all, for the teaching method: modern, practical and intuitive.

Then, just as now in Milan, there was plenty of established competition, but with the focus on what is best for the student rather than on what’s most convenient for the school or on outdated traditions, the school grew – and has continued to do so.

The success of the method prompted interest beyond these borders, with schools from three continents adopting Speak Your Mind and building their own success. With this growth, development of the teaching programme has continued to keep pace with the changes and evolution of the English language.

It’s always been our aim to create a school we can be proud of – along with all those who work with us and those who choose to learn with us. Our continued success based on word-of-mouth, a very high percentage  of student return – and exceptional teacher-retention rates, confirms that what we are doing gains strong consent.

Speak Your Mind

Quality of service – transparent and flexible
At the Speak Your Mind school the student is at the centre of our attention: the chance to try the course before confirming enrolment, the freedom to decide how long to study without any kind of contract — these are your guarantees of our commitment.


Quality of method
Speak Your Mind is an exclusive method which stands out for its intuitive style combined with concrete results.  Born here in Verona and tried and tested over 20 years here and worldwide.

Quality of teaching
Selected for their professional and personal qualities: beyond their recognised teaching qualifications, all teachers undergo specific training programmes for Speak Your Mind.

Quality in course management
Comprehensive course monitoring and management procedures ensure optimal progress for all courses.

These are the main reasons for the convinced thousands of Veronese people to learn English with us.


We are looking for talented, practical-minded, enthusiastic English Teachers who enjoy dynamic person-to-person lessons

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